Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Find your muse: Kirsty Mitchell and Brooke Shaden

For this project I orginally chose to use Kirsty Mitchell as my artist but I will also be using elements of Brooke Shaden's work as well. I want to create a fantasy series to give myself a challenge and create some work in a different field. Kirsty is known for insanely elaborate images that call for complex installations. Her images are incredible and perfect down to the minute details. Shaden's work is also fantasy-based but, in comparison to Mitchell's work, toned down yet still captivating. I hope to combine these two and see what work I can create. 

Jarek Kubicki

For my muse I've decided to choose Jarek Kubicki. I find his work to be very interesting, he does a lot of design work as well as photographic work. He often used drawing, photomanipulation and digital painting. I appreciate the use of the body and fabric in his photographs as well as their dark and haunting feel. This is what I am choosing to emulate for my project.  

Alberto Giacometti/ Louviere + Vanessa

For this project I hope to combine both some of Giacometti's sculptural figures with Louviere + Vanessa's black and white dreamlike aesthetic.



Richard Roberts

Roberts is very skilled in manipulating light in photoshop. He does a few images of a vehicle and a motorcycle, inspired by man of today's dramatic automotive advertising and the move Tron. I find that to be personally really interesting because I love the automotive industry. But I'm also really drawn to his ability to recreate myths and legends through photoshop (which he utilizes light very well too.) I have to think on my direction a little bit, but I would really like to focus on possibly enhancing light further in photoshop for my 4 images.

I claim no rights to these images (his). they can be found at

Margarita Kareva

I'm choosing Margarita Kareva as my muse. She is a Russian photographer who has a very fairy-tale-like and romantic style. I really enjoy her color schemes and the magical scenes she creates with her models. She does a really nice job with her editing and lighting, so I hope this is something I will be able to learn and emulate.

Marlie Splank

The artist I'm choosing to use for my muse is Marlie Splank, she has a wide array of imagery so I have to decide whether or not to do something portrait or landscape based.  I may choose to do a little of both. I just want to keep the desaturated, simple and almost calm nature of her imagery.

Muse: Flora Borsi

Flora Borsi is a photographer from Budapest, Hungary. Her focuses are usually on identity, relationships, emotions, and dreams. She takes a very realist yet painterly approach in Photoshop and plays around with extreme color with more neutral tones. Often her work showcases the female body yet altered and done in her way of realism to fit the 'normal' world around them. This means at times hiding or revealing the face with the female form reacting in kind. What interested me most about her work was the dark dreamlike feel they have and the possibility of it being real.  

Here is some of her work:

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Jarek Kubicki

Jarek Kubicki is a photographic artist whose work is dark and incorporates paint with portraiture through photoshop. There are two or three elements that I hope to emulate for this project, all of which having to do with using illustration to create a portrait. I will try to make sure that the photograph looks almost more like a painting, I want there to be "paint drips" of some nature, possibly being charcoal smudges or something of that effect, and I want to use fashionable portraits to create these photographs.

Here are a few that I will keep in mind when creating my project:

Monday, March 23, 2015

Find Your Muse: Amanda Diaz

Amanda Diaz's photography can be described as romantic and dreamy. Her photos have a overall low saturated color scheme and typically females are the subject. Her inspiration seems to come from a mix of high fashion and fairytales. She seeks to capture the essence of the person she photographs.  She really engages in the process of brainstorming and is very detailed in how she approaches her work. One thing that I love about her is how she uses unconventional materials to achieve her photos, she also stresses the importance that high fashion doesn't have to be high budget, which is great for college students.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Williams Project 4, "My Toy Car" less highlights

Williams Project 4, "My Toy Car"

Never Growing Up

Scale Project

I wanted to make it look like I was running up a shoe mountain. I couldn't decide between the black and white or color, so I put both to see what everyone else thought. I still want to rework it a good bit before printing though. I know I want to add more runners on other shoes, and potentially add a sky/more of a background to make it look more like the shoe is a mountain, instead of me just looking smaller.

Gundam Fight

For this assignment, I wanted to explore what would happen if toys from my one of my favorite childhood shows actually came to life. This was influenced by the very popular anime of G Gundam a show about people, war, and robots. These photos were comprised of 7 shots and some filters in photoshop. My goal was to create something dramatic as well as staying true to the theme and proportions of the actual television show.

Scale Project

My concept is about time. Time is a mystery and you never know what's going to happen.

Scale - Project 4

Bird Tale - In the world of spirits, the adventurous boy returns the egg to the bird spirit in order to restore the natural balance of the forest.

Kelly Magee- Scale

The concept for my assignment that comes from an article I had read about the Kureig and the consequences of its consumerist gratifications. The machines have gotten recently popular, especially in the last year. This is a problem because the specifically designed k cups are NOT recyclable. This a pretty tough issue, considering that over 9 billon k cups were sold last year. So, I decided that an urban setting with pretty scenery would be a stark contrast to k cup trash cans filled with k cups that cannot be recycled. Coffee grounds litter the sidewalks from busted containers.

the article:

Scale Project: Elaine Phong

Project 4- Xochimilco in my sink

In this project, I wanted to explore how our imaginations create worlds in our living spaces. This is influenced by our experiences through travel, relationships, and the even the second-hand knowledge that we gain through others' experiences and stories. These photos were taken in a place called Xochimilco which is located in the state of Mexico near Mexico City. I often travel to Mexico and, because of that, my house is full of items that I have collected and chosen to represent my time and my memories there. The sink image is taken of a bathroom in my house. As I travel, I bring back pieces of other places to my living surroundings. Because of this, my surroundings are forever altered. This is a unique blending of two places that will never meet but have been linked together through items, photographs, and memories.