Monday, April 13, 2015

Find your Muse - Alexandra Lay

These are definitely not finished- want to try to incorporate more of the painterly aspects. Want to add some kind of more interesting aspect.

THIS is my original idea… didn't work out like I wanted it to.

These are the ones that I was working on for a completely different route. I'm a little stuck.


  1. Before crit thoughts, talking with Ana:
    in the first one, the figure ends abruptly and it would look better if I could get her to be coming out of the bottom of the image like the other four. They have a better composition overall and have more interest and concept with them. The first looks more professionally styled. Combine them!!

  2. Find your muse speed critique

    Is there a formal consistency in the four works?
    The four seem consistent
    There is a bit of a divide between the top two, they seem to have ink splotches and the bottom two are more line work
    One of them is a little more sepia

    Are there technical issues with the work?
    Ana said she liked the cut-out quality of the black background one. Perhaps get photos with an actual background instead of the blanket-backdrops.

    She liked the graphic nature of the black but liked the depth of the blanket backgrounds.

    Perhaps add more color- muted tones, maybe have background not as much color and then the figure with a bit of color, and sort of pops of color in the glasses/mugs.

    One thing Elaine said was the first might be more effective if it was vertical- the drips going down. The cut off makes it a bit more awkward. Also, the color is very warm and bright.

    Does there appear to be meaning in the work?
    Ana saw “me in the morning before coffee”. They don’t look like they are about the original concept I had.

    Are there works that are stronger than others? What should be the model image going forward? Are there images that are weak and should be edited out?

    Caitlin- google some tutorials that relate with the paint, to help with ideas of blending. The first one is really strong. Don’t stress about the marks looking like Kubicki.

    The transition between the gray looks good, but the black is coming out too much. The contrast between the dark black and the white skin is too much.

    Murphy said that I need to have the clothes to make the first more cohesive; the four together are too repetitive because of the same composition. Zoom in and zoom out! Like an orchestral piece, loud and quiet. Crescendo and decrescendo.