Monday, February 23, 2015

Retouching - Alexandra Lay

For my project I wanted to explore the idea of self and retouching. The colors look super funky because of saving it as a gif, and I now realized that I don't like the position of some of the Alex's in the image, but overall I thought that it was a successful project.

Here are the before and after images:

Retouch Project

For my project I wanted to retouch myself. I was playing with the idea of tattoos, it's not a very realistic tattoo to get but I didn't really want the final image to be realistic.

Portrait Retouch ( Before and After) - Danny Lizano

My concept is a narrative scene which depicts a couples dramatic journey. The style reflects the exaggeration of a soap opera and presented in a movie poster setup. The retouching approach I took for this project was more of hiding the "behind the scenes" that goes on in such an elaborate photo shoot. I tried to create a dynamic composition, and create an intense moment with the absent of color and high contrast with the textured background.

Retouch Project

Inspiration was The Scream by Edvard Munch. Below will be the start photo and the end result.

Project 3

For this project I wanted to create a small collection of portraits inspired by circus freak show advertisements. I researched many of the posters used by circuses and then attempted to replicate the "freaky" aspects of the individuals in three siblings from the same family. 

Project 3

Even though mermaids might not be "real," when someone thinks of a mermaid I feel like they usually think of a "perfect" and enchanting woman, or at least I do. I didn't want to only retouch myself like they would do a model in a magazine, but I wanted to add something more to it so I chose to make myself into one of the legendary, mythological creatures and show a fantasy of what our world thinks of as "beautiful."

Project 3- Retouch

For my retouching project I decided to do an image of what I look like when I wake up vs. what I think I look like when I wake up. 

Portrait Retouch

For this project I want to retouch my own portrait. I took this photo outside to get a natural light and then began to retouch. I also want to see if I could change my hair color in a natural looking way.

Retouching- Andre Powell

I decided for this project to do the "ideal perfect women" body that the media displays as natural. This was for me learning how to love yourself, and love what you were given. I myself had a hard time finding a model because of the concept that I was doing to them, when in reality everyone's perfect just the way they are.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Portrait Retouch: Elaine Phong

얼짱 Ulzzang” is a popular South Korean beauty trend literally meaning “best face” or “good looking.” How to achieve the “Ulzzang” look is to emphasize the eyes by using many make up products such as eyelid glue, cosmetic circle lenses, eyeliner, white eyeliner, long fake eyelashes, etc. Ulzzang girls usually have fair skin, a small nose and small lips just like anime characters. The goal is to be incredibly cute.

I have always wanted to imagine myself as an Ulzzang girl for fun and thought this was a great opportunity to do so.

Eyelid Glue Video:

Ulzzang examples:

Brittany Little- Retouch

For this project I decided to retouch myself, I took the photo in my bedroom, where I normally do my makeup in the morning.  The retouching of this image is bringing light to all of the work they do after the makeup when doing a magazine photoshoot.

Friday, February 20, 2015

I really wanted to focus on the differences and similarities between photoshop and plastic surgery in this assignment. I see degrees of retouching as mimicking certain plastic surgery techniques. So I researched common plastic surgery procedures and determined how I could mimic results in photoshop. So before I shoot, I drew lines on my model's face that would dictate the areas that I would enlarge, push, pull etc. I also researched and applied commercial techniques such as airbrushing and selective dodge/burn.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

 For this project, I gained inspiration from the theme of beauty standards of different cultures. In stories of non-fiction in particular Disney, a princess is usually regarded as the highest level of beauty. So going with this idea I wanted to portray a princess but I also thought it would be interesting and different to see her as a different ethnicity. I gained inspiration to portray a Disney Princess as another race from reading a particular article on BuzzFeed that re-imagined Disney Princesses as a different ethnicity. I wanted to show beauty from a different perspective and imagine what Snow White would look like if she were Chinese.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Andre Powell- Architectural Blend

For this project, I was kinda going for a Sci-Fi feel, kind of like the game Call of Duty. I went downtown and saw a lot of buildings, not really sure where I was going with it at first but then I finally got it. I want this to be darkish, fantasy look.

Chelsea Eklund- Architectural Blending

My concept was to create a house out of something that obviously isn't a house. I wanted to make it look like something that could actually be real, that one could just find while walking along.

Michael Williams_Architectural Blend

Architectural Blend - Danny Lizano

The Guardian - After a devastating catastrophe, all that remained in the gardens of a palace was a swing set that belonged to the child of a royal family. Being a lonely child and playing on this swing set with no one to push her, her only true friends were the statues that loomed over her in the gardens.

Building Blend -Ana Castaneda

For this project I decided to blend an armory and a bank together with some cannons on the side. I didn't want to spell outright what they were so to me the cannons and the front pillars are hints to their origins. I wanted to use the bank and armory because I feel in today's society there is a lot of emphasis on violence, in news etc., and making money. Like the background, however, what results is an empty space for our future generations.

Elaine Phong: Architectural Blend

Architectural Blend-Kelly Magee

Project 2

I chose to combine a power plant and an old abandoned house. Our world has become so consumed with energy and being content in our homes at all times, but in doing this we are harming the environment and in some ways making the world more dangerous. I wanted to make fun of people in a sense that it would be a horrible idea to have a power plant connected to a house, but as long as they have the energy they need then that's all that matters to them, because that's what this world is turning into (based on selfish desires).

Architectural Blend

For this project I wanted to take various architectural structures and blend them into a mobile home. Mobile homes represent the lowest class in our culture and have always carried a stigma with them. I wanted to create an image that might provide a window into the perspective of the inhabitants. This particular mobile home lot is inhabited by immigrants who have come to the United States to experience a better life. To them, these living spaces are treasured and not at all the "last resort" in comparison to where they have come from. I think that every perspective has been influenced by culture and through this project I attempted to provide a space that may change the persepctive and bring it to a more neutral zone so that the audience that truly see the structure instead of the stigma. 

Architectural Blend - Sheridan Starnes

Architectural Blend - Alexandra Lay

For this project, I wanted to create a sort of playful fairy tale by creating little rock houses. I wish I had found different windows so that it would have looked a teeny bit more "upscale" sort of, but… I think overall it was fun and decent. If I had more time, I would have also liked to include a few more elements to make it more of a neighborhood, rather than two very close together houses.

Architectural Blend

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Project 2 Architectural Blend

For this project, I drew a lot of inspiration from the form and structure of the Cinderella Castle in Disney World. 
I sought structures that reminded me of the famous castle and ended up using 4 churches and the Mcoll Center for Art. My main goal was to create something tall as well as something that could belong in a eerie dream or fantasy. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Architectural Blend- Brittany Little

For this project, I combined photos of both my parents house and the small storage buildings around it, to create both a surreal and sort of "farmers dream house".  While not a farm, the buildings have that old southern farmhouse feel.  I imagine this being plucked straight from a farmers dream, rather than adding an ornate facade I left the buildings as is because I don't think a farmer would want a house with such decor.