Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Old is New Again - Danny Lizano

I tried to represent a moment in the past that had no reference to a certain specific time frame. I tried to allow some of the landscape to show through to give a mood/theme for the concept. The concept relates to a festive-like event in a city and even though the setting is suppose to represent being fast paced, the texture helps define that while still concealing some of the content.


  1. Overall, there's a great use of texture. Maybe too much texture really. It's difficult to identify much in the image. There's a figure in the lower left, but other than that, nothing can really be recognized or determined. The light sky makes for a great element of the wet plate collodion style, but the traffic light is too distracting and doesn't fit within the image. The organic edges of the image are done nicely and mimic collodion style.

  2. Your boarder is really great in this piece. But one thing that i'm having trouble with is actually seeing what is going on in the picture. I'm not sure if this is an overlay of two or more pics, but the picture is really unclear with the texture on top of it. I would try to bring out the image more, maybe reduce the texture opacity? I really like your organic edges though and some of the flare.