Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Old is New - Sheridan Starnes

For this assignment, the idea of time played a major role in my image. I wanted to depict something antique, since that would be inline with the wet plate process. Also, the idea of absence was something I thought about. Instead of placing a figure in my image, I wanted to leave the presence of the image open ended. I wanted to prompt viewers with thoughts of, "there's a chair, why is no one there?"

1 comment:

  1. With this one, I think that the idea was strong- what is the chair, where is this place, etc- but I think that it is too orange. We did talk about that during the critique- it sounded like it was maybe just a problem with the settings while editing. But there was one other thing that I think could be changed- I was confused when I first looked at the image. I wasn't sure where the chair was because of the composition and not enough contrast between the chair and the building in the background. The edges look great though! And I feel like it's pretty old-school looking, so that's good.