Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Old is New by Victoria Byers

For my project I decided to create a portrait focusing on deterioration and decay. I chose a location that had a lot of texture and wear and asked my model to dress in worn clothing. My main objectives were to take a picture with a lot of texture and points of interest and then add a lot of extra layers and brush textures to add age. I also made it a point to change the colors slightly as they appear in collodion pictures (black is lighter than red, etc.)


  1. Your editing on this image is very believable. You paid attention to the subtle details of the wet plate process, the sepia toning is just subtle enough and the broken glass is a nice touch. I think the positioning of the model and his dress are very successful. The only thing I would change is some of the brushes look kind of "photoshoppy", they could be pushed a little further.

  2. In my opinion this was the strongest project in the class. The way you cropped the top right part of the image was very realistic. Even though you said you felt that you hadn't mastered the brushes I think you're pretty close. I'm not sure if the texture in the background ( the kind of scaly looking one) is a part of the original photo or if they were added but I think that's the only thing I would change/soften just because it's a little distracting. The composition is wonderful and I love the way you posed your model. You and one other person are the only ones who remembered blurry eyes! Overall, wonderful job!

  3. First off amazing editing! The piece looks very realistic. The white cracking texture is phenomenal and adds a great feel to the photo. You're theme of decay and deterioration were executed very very well. The border was also another part that was just downright awesome!! My only critique would be to have a little bit more of a motion blur with the hand with the pipe but overall amazing piece!
    Great Job Victoria!