Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Project #1: Old is New Again

Create an image that evokes the historic wet plate collodion process. Use Photoshop and your editing skills. Do not use plug-ins or alternate photo editing applications (Koloid, LittlePhoto, etc.). Push the visual idea of the wet plate collodion so as to leave no ambiguity in terms of the process you are referencing. Create blemishes, artifacts, blurring, ghosting and wet streaks.
Concept Development
Shoot images for this assignment - images that will exploit this technique. You may choose a subject/object that looks very old to recreate an image that evokes the past or deals with the idea of time. Another strategy could be to photograph something very futuristic to create a sense of irony. Whatever your subject, be sure you can explain how the subject is transformed when tied with the collodion look.

Overall, when referencing a historical process, the image-maker is dealing with the ideas of history, time, and antiquity. Therefore, frame a subject that will exploit this referent and concept.

Photographer Richard Barnes uses the original wet plate collodion technique when documenting Civil War Reenactments. Some examples can be seen here on the National Geographic site.

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