Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Old is New by Sayma Waleh

For this project I thought it would be creative to put an eerie twist to the history of Stonewall Jackson. I wanted to portray it as a experimental mental institute covering up as a correctional facility. In this photo I wanted to create a narrative of my model to play the role of a mother who lost her child during his stay at stonewall. I wanted the bed to symbolize all she has left to remember him by as well as how a sense of joy has been taken away leaving her without feeling and emotion.

1 comment:

  1. I really commend you for developing a concept and for executing it well. This was not done in many of the projects that were submitted. The things that make this image stand out to me are the excellent choice in location and the tone of the photo. Despite the costume details that do need to be altered a little, I think the image looks aged and destroyed in all the right ways and is a believable wet plate. As I said in critique, the eyes turned out really well and not many people were able to capture that movement. Great job. This could be an interesting series.