Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Old is New- Kelly Magee

Farm House


  1. This image could've been pushed further, after knowing your concept I want more from the photo. Selecting a part of the house, or even some of the older barns around the complex. While I like some of the work around the edges I'd like to see more distressing to the overall image. The cracks are nice but I want more texture.

  2. Definitely after hearing your concept and hearing about what else was around, I believe that a more interesting angle could have been photographed. I would suggest not trying to include the whole structure, because even a close up of an area would work as well. I really like the addition of the cracks, I would emphasize more on certain areas but not necessarily cover the whole image with it. Experiment more with the use of brushes, you begin to do that but needs more destructive quality. Great textures just use it a bit more, go wild!

  3. I'm not sure how I feel about this image as a whole, but I think the composition could have been a lot stronger from a different angle or capturing more of the house/land around it. Some of the cracks work well, but besides that there isn't much to give it a sense of the "wet plate" process. The edges look a little fake in the areas that you did manipulate, but I think you just need to do a lot more destruction to the piece as a whole. Also, it's a little too saturated, which aren't how wet plates are, so if you brought that down a good amount it would help.