Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Williams Project 4, "My Toy Car" less highlights

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  1. I would sum this project in three words speed, excitement and dangerous. The concept of my work is to make my dream come true, which is to own a vintage muscle car and to push the limits of speed. The only way to gain this experience is to go to sleep and think about the only muscle car I own, which is my toy car. When I finally got the opportunity to go into the dream state I started the toy car and took it for a spin on the west coast.

    I was so overwhelmed with excitement I decided to gun it to max speed over a cliff and hopefully wake up right before hitting the ground.
    I wanted to piece to include high use of contrast using reds, blues and with very slight vintage brown. I chose this composition because I wanted to give the viewer a new experienced angle of a toy car.

    I still have a few adjustments tweaks to make with the image; so the next steps will be critical before my final print. The first change I will make is to lower the opacity of the cars blur to add more realism of motion. Next, I will give the tires a spin motion blur to give it the feel of rotation. After that change, I will make myself less sharp so that I will match the cars focal view. The last chang I will make is to make some of the birds a smaller size.