Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The concept for my assignment that comes from an article I had read about the Kureig and the consequences of its consumerist gratifications. The machines have gotten recently popular, especially in the last year. This is a problem because the specifically designed k cups are NOT recyclable. This a pretty tough issue, considering that over 9 billon k cups were sold last year. So, I decided that an urban setting with pretty scenery would be a stark contrast to k cup trash cans filled with k cups that cannot be recycled. Coffee grounds litter the sidewalks from busted containers.

the article:


  1. Overall i feel like my concept is really strong and has potentially to really make a statement. But in terms of this composition I don't feel like what I was trying to say was successfully conveyed. My classmates enjoyed the concept, but felt like I could do more to really drive home the point. I agree with all o them. I think that by choosing a different location and involving a little bit more human activity would make the connection between the amount of k cups are used and what happens to them once we are done with them. Also, there needs to be much more in quantity of the k cups. So I think that if I had a street with a bunch trash cans with over flowing with k cups, it would make the connection that there is an extreme consumerist obsession with the instant gratification of the kureig brand.

  2. I plan to reshoot this friday with a few ideas suggested by my fellow class mates. I was thinking of going to Charlotte during the lunch hour and take photos of people walking around to suggest more human activity. Also, I was going to use a k cup that has a texture to it for trash cans, that way it'll look a little more cohesive. Also I plan to take photos of a bunch of different k cups so that I can place them in all kinds of orientations throughout my image.