Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Scale Project

I wanted to make it look like I was running up a shoe mountain. I couldn't decide between the black and white or color, so I put both to see what everyone else thought. I still want to rework it a good bit before printing though. I know I want to add more runners on other shoes, and potentially add a sky/more of a background to make it look more like the shoe is a mountain, instead of me just looking smaller.

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  1. My image relates to the concept of scale pretty well because clearly I am not small enough to run up a shoe, though I'm not entirely happy with how my final image speaks to the viewers. My concept was to be running up a mountain of shoes. Running surrounds my life and basically has since the moment I was born so I want my concept to show how much running really has taken over my life by running on these shoes. My intention was for the shoe to mimic a mountain/big hill and the way I shot the pile of shoes doesn't necessarily get that idea across. My plan is to add in a background and sky to give more reality in the image, besides me, so that the shoe itself looks larger, instead of it looking like I only shrunk myself. I also want to add some of my teammates on some of the other shoes.
    Through the speed dating critiques we ended up taking away the drop shadow that's directly behind me and I think that helps tremendously with the overall lighting and making it look more realistic. Originally that was the first shadow I added, but I didn't revisit it once I added in the shadow under me, which is the shadow from the original image. With that real shadow there, the one behind me doesn't seem to be necessary and ended up hurting the image more than helping it. I know that some of the lighting still needs to be worked on, but I'm much happier already without that drop shadow.
    Something else that I think will help to make it look more realistic is to make the shoelace where I'm stepping go in a little to show the pressure that I'd be putting on it if I were to actually be running on it.
    I really enjoy the composition I have with the front 2 shoes, but I think once I take away the upper left side and add in more of a background it will be much more successful and not as overwhelming with as many shoes. Also, after looking at it more and more, and hearing other people's opinions, I like the color much more than the black and white. I thought the black and white helped to make myself look more realistic in the image at first, but once we fixed some of the lighting and shadow problems in the color image, it's obviously the more successful one. The colors work really well together with my clothing and the shoes so that's something I don't want to take away from the image.