Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Scale Project: Elaine Phong

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  1. My original concept for this project did not work out as well as I planned so I went for the second idea I had on my list and am actually proud to see that this turned out better than I expected. I go to a place called "Not Just Coffee" on 7th street quite often and I am a huge coffee addict. Coffee has definitely helped me throughout my college career by keeping me awake throughout the night as well as functioning throughout the day after a long night. Through coffee it helps build relationships with other people. Grabbing a cup of joe to catch up with a long time friend, meeting new people and getting to know them better, talking to the local barista while they make your coffee, and so on. My world revolves around it so why not just swim in it! So I created a romantic, coffee, fairy-tale concept for my piece.

    Composition wise, I wanted the cup to be in the center because it is the most largest and important ingredient to the piece. Adding the boat with the girl slightly to the right and the boy to the left balanced the picture out instead of having the boat dead center making it feel way too awkward.

    The lighting is pretty well done in my opinion I just need to tweak things a little bit more. Adding darker shadows under the boy so that he does not look like he's floating and toning down the highlights on his head. And also adding more shadows where the boat touches the milk. Overall everything has a nice warm even tone.

    I am quite happy with this project and I can't wait to see it printed in a bigger size!