Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Gundam Fight

For this assignment, I wanted to explore what would happen if toys from my one of my favorite childhood shows actually came to life. This was influenced by the very popular anime of G Gundam a show about people, war, and robots. These photos were comprised of 7 shots and some filters in photoshop. My goal was to create something dramatic as well as staying true to the theme and proportions of the actual television show.

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  1. Overall I was really pleased with the feedback and constructive criticism that my classmates gave me. In my opinion all the feedback that was given could only further improve the photo! Such as darkening parts of the buildings in the background as well as lightening up myself to further show that I was looking up at the Gundams instead of what is perceived as me just looking straight. When I explained my concept and gave a little back story to the actual show that the toys were from it made sense to the viewer but I believe elaborating on that in the actual description would help out more. Compositionally many believed it made sense for what was going in the photo but suggested that if I were to do something like this again that I should play with more dynamic compositions. Overall I was pleased with the feedback and believe that going back and editing what was mentioned will help the photograph and will make sure to fix those areas as well as better explain my concepts in the description.