Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Scale - Project 4

Bird Tale - In the world of spirits, the adventurous boy returns the egg to the bird spirit in order to restore the natural balance of the forest.

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  1. Scale _Post-Critique Commentary:

    -My idea was to create this fantasy spiritual-like world where something terrible occurred and the natural world was unbalanced. In order to restore all that is good, the courageous young man had to return the egg which was stolen for selfish purposes. The world would become balanced once the egg was returned to the bird spirit of the forest. In order to fully convey this idea, the bird and egg had to be scaled for it to appear fictional. The scaling helped assist in the importance of the subject and its necessity for the concept.

    -The composition of the characters demanded a spiritual godly perspective, so this implied diagonal direction was important for the layout. Also the landscape had diagonals that brought the viewer into the piece and a loop that brought used direction inward from the assistance of depth.

    -The main issue others and myself noticed was that the lighting of the egg still does not feel natural. Some suggestions were the disconnect from the shadows of the egg to the highlights on the shirt. Another concern is the oddly dark areas underneath the bird that appear to be a shadow. Some conflict is due to the use of texture, but that area needs to be fixed to match a shape that best fits as a shadow for the bird. Some issues i noticed was certain angles of the bird since it was constructed from different parts. They don't all seem to match exactly but would help to possibly re-shoot (difficult with rigor mortis of bird).

    -The root of the concept is about giving back, the act of an offering to rightful owner. The meaning is a little difficult to interpret but could definitely be broken down into many different conceptual ideas. The essence of the concept is trying to express that disturbance of peace by the taking away of something from its rightful owner. Emotions linked to betrayal, greed, and loyalty are a few elements that help depict the feel of the concept. This image is a portrayal of a narrative story that could serve as a lesson or moral that goes beyond what could be described but more from just resonating the photograph.