Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Scale Project

My concept is about time. Time is a mystery and you never know what's going to happen.

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  1. Post Critique Commentary

    From what everyone told me in the critique I got down the scale part of the project pretty well. I had many comments also about how they liked the centered composition of the photograph and how it worked well. A few people pointed out that the clock jewelry box is not taken completely straight on. I intentionally took the photo a bit off so that there was a better view of the "door" opening. Now that I see the crockedness of it, it does kind of bother me. So I might straighten that out a bit.

    I got comments about how the lighting on the clock and the guy was pretty good. Some also pointed out the really dark spot on the bottom and suggested making it lighter to blend in more or increasing the contrast so that there are more darks and lights so it'll fit in better. The contrast was also bothering me so I would like to increase the contrast in the photo.A few also commented on how the guy was standing and to maybe darken the light, cloudy bit under him. I do kinda like that part though because it looks like he's standing in a cloud but maybe I'll blend it and tone it down a bit more.

    The concept everyone seemed to get that it was about time, which is good. Two people said that it reminded them of the lion. witch, and the wardrobe in that kinda fantasy, door to a new world kinda thing which I really liked. A few also suggested either adding light that's coming out from the door or have vines or something else coming out of it. I like the idea of having something coming out of it but the light and vines thing seems a bit cliche to me and doesn't really support my concept. I'd have to think about what I'd want to be coming out of the door.