Monday, February 23, 2015

Retouching - Alexandra Lay

For my project I wanted to explore the idea of self and retouching. The colors look super funky because of saving it as a gif, and I now realized that I don't like the position of some of the Alex's in the image, but overall I thought that it was a successful project.

Here are the before and after images:


  1. I really like the idea of having so many different point of views to your face. Between the before and after image I can see what you have done in your re-touching. I think what you have is great, I would like to see in some of the profiles of your face a more dramatic transformation.

  2. I actually think this concept is really awesome. It needs more of an interesting composition or even take it a step further where you are wearing differently clothing and even create a narrative between all the copies of you. Other than that i see that edits were done to each one and you did very well considering each clone. Take it further and go wild!