Monday, February 23, 2015

Project 3

Even though mermaids might not be "real," when someone thinks of a mermaid I feel like they usually think of a "perfect" and enchanting woman, or at least I do. I didn't want to only retouch myself like they would do a model in a magazine, but I wanted to add something more to it so I chose to make myself into one of the legendary, mythological creatures and show a fantasy of what our world thinks of as "beautiful."


  1. I think you had a great concept to your project! The way that you distorted the fish tail to form your body is fantastic and the shadows under it really add to how realistic it looks. In the final image your face doesn't look like it has been distorted/liquified too much but, as we acknowledged in crit, the process makes it seem over-dramatic. The location and the lighting is wonderful! Overall, I think you had one of the strongest retouching projects.

  2. I enjoyed how you took a retouched photo shoot a step further by turning yourself into your dream of being a mermaid. Concept works really well and the morphing of the fish tail worked really well in the space. Lighting was a huge factor that really enhanced this photo. I would mess around a little more with the shadows under the tail. I think the transition from scale to skin is fine but maybe try blending it with a slower transition. I could see this as a series and looks like something that would be in a magazine!

  3. I really dig the concept! You did a good job at rendering the fish tail to fit your body I would just have it fade into your body a little more. And I would stray away from making your face so small. But other than that good work!